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Bangladesh Advance Robotics Research Center (BARRC) is a Non profitable non governmental organization that has been playing important for enhancing knowledge and skills about robotics and other advanced science and technology.

  • We work for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs- 4) by educating students in aspects of Technology to make better tomorrow over the globe with the vision of Digital Bangladesh.
  • We provide digital tools and open access materials under E-tech online school.
  • We arrange workshops trained by professional researchers for empowerment of tech leaders to be successful entrepreneurs.
  • We provide industry-level research and development-based solution besides services.
  • We promise to develop ideas into startups and concern to built infrastructures either-or consult with the industrial collaboration like a parent house.

BARRC is the first NPR organization and a clone of Multinational Inc. (Ets in Bangladesh), aims to support local Govt. & overall the globe for Robotics, AI, and other advanced tech integration in multi-dimension to implement the vision 'Digital Bangladesh' under UN SDG. BARRC has founded in the year 2014 as a first Non profitable non governmental research center in Bangladesh under the social act registered companies law. The BARRC's main goal and objectives are to provide knowledge of Robotics and Advanced Technology among all over in the school, college, and university students, and trying to develop their knowledge and skills to full fill the vision of Digital Bangladesh which has declared by the government of Bangladesh. Moreover, BARRC has been supporting students, educators, and entrepreneurs by differents training, service, and consultancy firm to achieve the sustainable global goal with the allocation of UN's SDGs 2030 in aspects of quality education and technology.

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"I believe in passion & youthfulness,This why BARRC was founded for passionate and young members to implement the vision of Digital World in aspects of Advance Technology and you are cordially welcome to our family."

Jimmy Majumder

Founder &President

"Bangladesh Advance Robotics Research Center is a platform where young peoples can learn about advance technology,they can apply their knowledge and they can spread their knowledge every where to make Digital World ."

Md. Rahatul Islam

CEO & Vice-president


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10 munshi bari road,1209, Dhaka,
Dhaka Division, Bangladesh.



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